• What inside the Star Box

    Joy In A Box

    Every penny of the budget – this year’s goal is $1.6 million – goes to buying the actual items placed in colourful, sturdy cardboard boxes. The Star covers all administrative costs and a legion of Star staff and volunteers help with packing and deliveries.

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    The Box Shipment

    The Toronto Star volunteers offload the boxes into Room 109 before we sort.

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    Box Sorting

    After some good preparation, lots of route lists, help of great volunteers, sorting gets done efficiently and usually only takes a few hours.

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    Box Delivery - even four legged elves get involved

    We get all sorts of volunteers and types of sleighs when asking for elves to help Santa. Here, our four-legged elf "Boss" inspects his cargo and is ready to roll!


Important Information About This Site!

This site is for Toronto Star Santa Claus Fund VOLUNTEERS, who wish to deliver boxes through the Depot at MCC Toronto only. This site is NOT for clients who need or are expecting boxes or who have moved and need to change address. If you are expecting boxes, and have not received them or you need to change your address in order to receive your boxes, you will need to speak to your social services contact directly.

Supporting The Santa Claus Fund

One way to support the fund is to donate money each year. 100% of all money donated to the fund goes directly into the boxes. Each box costs about $35 to fill, and the Star covers all the administrative costs to administer the Fund.

The second way you can help is by VOLUNTEERING with us to deliver the Star Boxes to needy kids in Riverdale and Thorncliffe Park, through MCC Toronto’s Star Fund Depot. It takes only an hour or so to deliver the boxes, and you get so much in return.

The Star’s Official Santa Claus Fund Video. (Reposted with permission).

Why Volunteer to Be An Elf and Deliver the Gift Boxes???

Under The Tree

Every child deserves to have something under their tree to open on Christmas morning. Circumstances beyond their control may prevent parents from having that ability to give them a gift. That is where the Toronto Star Santa Claus Fund and YOU come in. You can help get a gift box under a child’s tree for Christmas – all you need is a van, suv, or car (even a cooper mini owner can deliver a route of boxes!) and a little time. Some elves are done delivering in an hour, some a couple hours – you can schedule deliveries into your busy day – with a week to deliver them.

Have questions about what is involved in getting the gifts under their tree?

Rare Opportunity

Christmas is the season during which we all feel a need to do more beyond ourselves. It is the season of giving. Being able to deliver “joy in a box” to a child who many receive the box as their only gift is an opportunity not many people are afforded. The volunteer elves are blessed to have this opportunity each year through the Toronto Star Santa Claus Fund and the depots across the GTA. MCC Toronto volunteer elves – over 80 of them in total (and you could be one of them!) – know that you don’t get the chance to do this every day – it only happens once a year – so they seize the opportunity.

Want to be part of this rare opportunity?

Making A Difference

Our delivery elves are forever changed by the experience of delivering a Toronto Star Santa Claus Fund gift box to a child’s home.

They quickly discover that the box recipients make a difference in their life too – you have but to experience the smiles and the squeals of joy from the kids and the outpouring of gratitude and kindness from parents to know you’ve made a difference and then realize that the joy YOU feel has made a difference in your life too.

Contact us to tell us your story of  Making a Difference in the life of a child through your delivery experience.