Do and Don’t

Delivery DO’s

  • CALL everyone on your list before delivering- please specify with the parent that you are delivering the Toronto Star Santa Claus boxes (stress the fact they are gifts/presents) for the kids for Christmas (remember – English is not always their first language). Let them know whose boxe s you have – use the child’s name (located on the end of the box) if you can. Give them a specific day and time range when you’ll be there and ask them to make sure someone will be home. (Ex. I will be delivering your gifts Wed. between 7 and 9 – can you please make sure someone is home) Confirm their address while you have them on the phone, ask for a buzzer number if applicable) If you get a machine, leave a message that you are a volunteer with the Santa Claus Fund and leave day and time of delivery and ask them to please be home – leave your number in case they can’t be home – they usually call you back and tell you). If you get a Not In Service message, go there anyway – sometimes a lack of phone service does NOT mean they have moved (usually it means they couldn’t afford the bill).
  • If you find someone is not home, you can use the supplied “sorry I missed you” note – fill out your name and phone number and leave it under their door or in the mailbox.
  • If they have moved, and you get them on the phone at their new address, see if you can deliver them to their new address. We ask that you try at least three times to get the boxes delivered.
  • Be joyful! Wish everyone Happy Holidays and smile! And wear a Santa hat if possible – the kids love it & it does the soul good!
  • At the door, hold the boxes up in front of you so when they look out they see the presents.
  • Take time to appreciate the moments with each family. e-mail us ( any memorable delivery moments you experience, or tell us what you got out of volunteering!
  • If you can not locate a family, and they have moved and could not get them on the phone, AND HAVE TRIED at least 3 TIMES to deliver then the box is considered “undeliverable” and you need to put it aside, and then return it to Room 109. We will take it from there.

Delivery DON’Ts

  • Don’t leave a box with a neighbour, superintendent of any other stranger. Although it is a nice offer on their part, people often do not get their boxes when they are left with strangers. It is OUR task to give them their boxes, not give them to someone else to be responsible for. The only situation where you can leave it will someone other than the parent, is if you have spoken on the phone and they ask you to. They then know it is with someone else.
  • Don’t leave the box on a porch or inside a screen door. People move and even though the address is correct, the people inside may not be. You ONLY leave a box with a family member once you verify it is the correct family., and they instruct you to leave the box.
  • In apartment buildings…do NOT leave a box outside in the hallway. Guaranteeed, it will NOT be there when the family gets home. You ONLY leave a box with a family member.
  • DO NOT leave your vehicle running, unattended and full of boxes while you deliver.
  • DO NOT deliver alone if you can get a friend to help.
  • If you are a female, it is advisable to NOT go in the home alone if the wife is not home, and the father is home alone. Just be smart and safe.